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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in The Crib
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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in The Crib

Your infant seems ready to sleep just about anywhere except for the crib. You can take them for a car ride, a stroll through the park, or even hold them gently in your arms, and they'll fall asleep almost instantaneously. Yet, for some reason, they won't sleep when they're placed in the crib. You might be wondering why this is so and how you can properly accommodate your infant in order for them to sleep gently. If you're struggling with this issue then continue reading below to learn how to get your baby to sleep in the crib.

Why Won't They Sleep?

First, in order to get them to sleep, the most important thing to recognize is why they aren't falling asleep. 

When your infant was still in the womb, they were living in a safe space and were adjusted to the environment at the time. They were constantly warm and were surrounded by calming movements and white noise. Now that they're out and sleeping in a crib, the environment is totally unfamiliar to them and it's difficult for them now to get rest unless they're near their mother.

But no worries. By keeping the following factors in mind, you can have your baby sleeping soundly in no time.

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in The Crib

Remember that safety is the number one thing to keep in mind when putting your baby to sleep. When they're lying down in the crib, they must lay on their back on a firm surface, with no loose ends. For firm and optimal bedding, you can click HERE to browse through RPP Kids mattresses.

Additionally, to ensure your child stays asleep, you should consider keeping these factors in mind:

  • Dress - Dress your infant up in a sleeper. Ensure that the sleeper is snug and that there aren't any loose strings that could entangle little toes. Also, make sure that the sleeper isn't too thick. You don't want your child to get too warm during the middle of the night.
  • Temperature - A cool room is key. If your baby is overheated, their warm temperature could potentially lead to SIDS. It may benefit your child to keep a fan in the room as they sleep to ensure coolness is spread evenly throughout the room.
  • Swaddle - For additional security and warmth, a swaddle can be added. But once your child is able to roll over, you should stop swaddling immediately.
  • Noise Level - The womb was never a quiet place. There was always muffled sounds and white noise. So when you put your child to sleep in the crib, you want to replicate this. You can do that by installing an app on your smart device to play white noise in the background.
  • Lighting - It's common sense that a dark room helps put anyone to sleep. So always make sure that your infant's room is as dark as possible while they sleep. For daytime naps/sleeping, use blackout curtains. Whenever you need to check on your child as they sleep, use a low wattage bulb or a nightlight.
  • Scent - One of the most overlooked aspects of putting an infant to sleep. Your baby is very much familiar with your smell. Before you put your child to sleep, you yourself can try sleeping with the sheets, sleeper, or swaddle blanket in order to get your scent in your infant's crib.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

As you're trying to put your child to sleep, ensure to develop a bedtime routine that guarantees that your child will sleep soundly. This doesn't have to be anything too fancy. You can just read them a book or give them cuddles and place them in the crib once they get drowsy. Once you have a good routine going, they'll for sure sleep throughout the night with little to no trouble.

Get Your Crib From Rooms For a Prince And Princess

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