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When to Stop Pacifier Use
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When to Stop Pacifier Use

Though it seems trivial, a pacifier is one of the most helpful tools that any parent can rely on to calm their child down. When your child is upset, you may find that just simply giving them the pacifier is enough to put them at ease. But too often, parents (such as yourself) may get puzzled when trying to figure out when to take the pacifier away. And if you're unsure when you should take the pacifier away, then continue reading below. The professionals at RPP Kids are well-experienced in parenting and know when it's time for your young child to say goodbye to the binky.

When to Take Away a Pacifier

The best and easiest time to wean the pacifier is when your child is around 6 or 7 months of age. During this stage of your child's development, you will want to reduce pacifier use from many times a day to nothing in less than a week.

By reducing or stopping pacifier use entirely around 6-7 months of age, you're able to avoid an increased risk of ear infections in your child. But make sure you're mindful as you're limiting or stopping use. There's no hard and fast rule. Pacifiers can prove to be helpful in relieving stress in certain situations such as daycare or traveling to a new place.

By 9 months of age, however, your child may likely act fussy when his or her pacifier is taken away. And this is because children at this age can develop an emotional attachment to their binky. This doesn't mean that you should take away their pacifier entirely. You just need to be ready to deal with little tantrums.

When to Stop Pacifier Use Entirely

When your child is 2-4 years of age, they are emotionally ready to wean pacifier use. So as you're preparing to take away their pacifier, you may want to give the impression to your child that the day of not using a pacifier anymore is coming. You may want to say something like, "when a child turns 3, they often stop using pacifiers and sometimes get a toy in return."

If you actually want to give your child a toy to trade with pacifier use, feel free to browse through our selection at RPP Kids. Click HERE to see them.

Learn to be Patient

If you're feeling pressured to stop pacifier use entirely but you feel as if your child isn't ready yet, take a moment to reconsider if taking away their pacifier is necessary.

First thing you should be mindful of is the fact that in traditional cultures, toddlers would still be breastfed until they're 4 years of age.

Secondly, many children have a genetic drive to be in love with a soothing object, much like their pacifier. For this reason, removing the pacifier can lead to more thumb sucking, which can drastically distort the palate and teeth of their mouth. As a result, you may have to pay for expensive braces later in life.

With such factors, deeply consider if your child is actually ready to leave their pacifier yet. If you don't think they are, then don't take away the pacifier entirely yet. Just continue limiting use and you'll know when it's time.

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