Are trying to find the best baby furniture in Delray Beach or in any of the surrounding areas? If you are, then look no further than the best Delray Beach baby furniture store, Rooms For a Prince & Princess. Here at Rooms For a Prince & Princess (RPP Kids) we allow customers to take a look through our near-endless inventory of baby furniture to let them explore what will best suit both their needs and their child’s. When you come to visit RPP Kids for shopping, we feel more than confident that you’ll find only the best baby furniture in Delray Beach.

Why Choose RPP Kids For Delray Beach Baby Furniture

The professional staff at RPP Kids is devoted entirely to assisting all new parents get the quality baby furniture they need in Delray Beach. And providing them with quality furniture also means providing amazing services. Because we’re also parents, we completely understand how crucial it is that you are given only the best and most amazing baby furniture in Delray Beach. As a parent, you wouldn’t want to provide your baby with furniture that only provides lackluster quality. Or even worse, it’s totally unsafe for the wellbeing of your infant child.

With our inventory, you can trust that our Delray Beach baby furniture is constructed with only the most high-end materials. On top of that, you can also trust that they’ll ensure both you and your infant can benefit from their capabilities. Aslo, you’ll find that our Delray Beach baby furniture will help keep your infant safe so that they don’t sustain any injuries whatsoever.

What Does RPP Kids Offer?

If you are trying to look for quality baby furniture stores in South Florida, you can trust that RPP Kids is your number one choice. And this is due to the fact that we offer a wide assortment of baby furniture for parents to choose from. No other baby furniture stores in Delray Beach, Florida is equal to our services and products. And this is because ours is the best. Continue reading below to get a glimpse of what sort of products we offer.


The biggest reason why RPP kids is recognized as among the best baby furniture stores in Delray Beach is because that we offer only the greatest and most amazing cribs a parent could buy. When you take a visit to our amazing baby furniture store, we can promise you that you’ll find the right crib for your baby. Our cribs are both aesthetically pleasing and strong, so you can expect them to last for a long time. They’ll ensure that your child is sleeping soundly with absolutely no disturbances. But most of all, they’ll keep them safe and secure as they’re napping.

Dressers, Chests, & Changing Tables

Are you in need of some extra room in order to store clothing and other essentials? Perhaps you need a chest? Or maybe you just need a changing table to help you deal with those diaper changing sessions. Whatever you need, we can guarantee that you’ll find it here at RPP Kids. These type of Delray Beach furniture pieces have been purchased by many parents and have helped tremendously in the raising of countless babies.


Do you find yourself needing some extra storage for toys, books, or any other miscellaneous items. If you do, then go right ahead and buy one or more of our bookcases. Our bookcases are spacious and can even provide proper storage for just about anything.

And Much More

By taking a browse through our large inventory of baby furniture in Delray Beach, we can promise you that you’ll find just about anything you need. We offer plenty of baby furniture, so much so, that there’s almost nothing we can’t provide for you.

About The Owner of RPP Kids, Natalie Stern Herzog

As a young girl, Natalie was able to experience the joys of an amazing and happy childhood. And as an adult, she found her true calling in ensuring other small children were provided with the same joy as well. Due to this, she opened the doors to Rooms For a Prince & Princess in 2009, with the intention of offering parents the chance to buy baby furniture that will be both beneficial to them and their children.

Thanks to Natalie’s innate creative talents, she’s been able to understand the needs of both parents and their children, providing them with quality Delray Beach baby furniture that can’t be found anywhere else.

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