Finding the right decor for a child's room can be one of the toughest challenges that parents face regarding styling their kid's room. Overtime, decorations on the wall and around the room will ultimately be decided by your child. But, when the room is a blank slate, you want to give them something to start off with. That's where Rooms For A Prince And Princess's wide selection of Kids room decor in Boca Raton comes into the picture. From wall decor to lighting options and more, we've got everything you need to assist you in really tying your child's room together. 

Kid's Rugs In Boca Raton 

Rugs are an often over looked part of kid's rooms - and they really shouldn't be! Without a solid rug at the door or near the entrance of the room, your child can easily make a mess of the floor after playing outside. We all know kids, and they can definitely be dirty. Save yourself the headache of having to wash the floor every time your kid tracks dirt through their room with a solid kid's rug from Rooms For A Prince And Princess. 

Our Blue Trio Rug is our most popular rug option for the entrance way to kid's rooms. It's simplistic design and colorway ties together rooms of all styles. This rug is 100% cotton yarn, meaning it's easily machine washable after it does its job of defending your kid's room from mud, dirt and more. 

Kid's Lighting In Boca Raton

Lighting is another part of a kid's room that is critical. Nobody wants to sit in a dark and dreary room, and at Rooms For A Prince And Princess, we offer a number of different lighting options to combat just that. Our lighting options are unique, and light up a room in a stylish and efficient manner. 

Double Cylinder Cobalt/White

Our Cylinder Lamps are by far our most popular lighting option. These ceiling hung lamps can really change the whole atmosphere of a room with hassle-free installment and a largely maintenance free nature. Just light dusting and replacing the light bulb is all it takes to ensure our Cylinder Lamps last for years to come. Our Cylinder Lamps come in 5 different colors and 3 different patterns to give your kid's room a one of a kind look. 

Kid's Wall Decor In Boca Raton 

Rooms For A Prince And Princess has a wide selection of different wall decor choices for kid's rooms. Depending on the age of your child, there are different pieces of decor that can give the room a unique style and feel. Additionally, we have room decor options that can stay with your child for their entire life. Of course, wall decor is something that will ultimately decided by your child as they grow older. Posters, pictures, concert tickets and more will plaster their wall as they become a young adult. But, until then, Rooms For A Prince And Princess has a few great pieces to start the style of your kid's room. 

Jasper the DogMarcel the MonkeyEva the BirdPhilip the Owl

Rooms For A Prince And Princess offers a unique collection of animal carving wall decor. Everybody loves animals, especially kids! These awesome pieces are great for children of any age or gender, and can add a nice, never before seen flair to the room. Kid's love receiving Jasper The Dog, Marcel The Monkey, Eva The Bird, And Philip The Owl as gifts! 

Kid's Mirrors In Boca Raton 

Mirrors are a part of a kid's room that is often overlooked. If they don't have a bathroom with a mirror in their bedroom, they have no real way of knowing how they look in the morning. Well, thanks to Rooms For A Prince And Princess, those days are a thing of the past. We offer a wide selection of mirrors of different styles and sizes so your child can know just how what they're wearing looks in the morning. Our most popular mirror is our Karisma Mirror, available in 6 different finishes and offering a modern style. 

Your child is sure to have a "Karisma" boost by knowing well dressed they are as they get ready in the morning. You go, kid! 

Rooms For A Prince And Princess Is Your Number One Choice For Kid's Decor In Boca Raton 

Rooms For A Prince And Princess offers some of the most unique wall decor for kid's rooms in Boca Raton. From rugs, lighting, wall decor, mirrors and more. We know you'll find something that both you and your kid love! Visit our Boca Raton location at 6858 SW 18th Street, Boca Raton, FL 33433 to shop our selection of kid's decor.