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Important Nursery Essentials
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Important Nursery Essentials

Planning your nursery before the baby's arrival can be just as stressful as, say, planning for a wedding. Certain items must be purchased and placed properly before the arrival of a special guest of honor. The only difference between a nursery as opposed to a wedding is that the former could cause much more tremendous stress if improper planning is executed. You want to ensure that both the baby and you, the parent, have a safe and convenient setting as both of you will spend most of your time in the same room together. Continue reading below and see what essentials you should have included in your nursery.


Cribs are perhaps the first thing that stays top-of-mind when designing the layout of a nursery. You obviously don't need to be reminded that you'll need one. But you should be mindful of which kind to purchase.

Any crib will do but there are certain ones that work well than others. If you feel as if you'll need to check up on your baby more regularly than you normally would, then consider getting an open barred crib. The open bars of the crib will allow you view your baby from all angles of the room no matter where you place it. It's also much more convenient for when you're simply just peeking around the door to check up on your child.

If you do wish to get an open barred crib, you might be interested to know that Rooms For a Prince and Princess has plenty of them for you to browse through HERE.


Having a nice little basket or bin is a cute touch to add to the nursery. But these actually provide a practical edge for the room. It supplies proper storage for all the toys and other items in the nursery for when the baby is sleeping in the crib. Ultimately, this piece of the nursery is what helps keeps everything neat and orderly for when playtime is over.

Usually, the best furniture piece to serve as storage is a bookshelf. Rooms For a Prince and Princess has plenty for patrons to purchase at their disposal. You can view them HERE.

For the absolute best storage, you might be interested in looking at our Edison Hutch.

Dresser/Changing Station

When you have a newborn child, expect to change a lot of diapers in your first year. For your nursery, this is one of the most important items you should have in the room. You want to make sure you have a changing station that's sized well to fit in the space it will accommodate. One of the best combos you can do is get a dresser and set up a changing station on top of it. The dresser can serve as extra storage while also holding supplies for diaper changing. And then you still have a flat surface on top for, say, a changing tray so that you can conveniently dispose and replace diapers as you're changing your child.

Click HERE and see some of Rooms for a Prince and Princess' dressers and changing trays that we offer.

Contact Rooms For a Prince and Princess Today and Receive your Nursery Essentials

For over a decade, Rooms for a Prince and Princess has served the South Florida region in supplying patrons with many infant-related products. We're confident that when you buy from us, your nursery will provide the absolute best atmosphere for you and your child. For any inquiries, you may call us at 561-206-6173 or visit our contact page.



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