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2020 Nursery Trends
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2020 Nursery Trends

It’s already been two months since the beginning of the new year and many trends have already died off while new ones have been birthed for the new decade. Some of these trends have found their way into couples’ nursery agendas while others are still struggling with how to design their incoming child’s room. If you’re the latter then look no further. Take a look below to get a basic gist of the newest 2020 nursery trends that will come into your home.

Gender Neutral

Many soon-to-be parents have been applying neutral colors and textures to their nurseries and it seems to be one of the more popular trends making its way into the new year. The purpose of this design is to create a space that accommodates for all genders. Natural woods are usually accompanied by this trend as well as geometric patterns. If you happen to be looking for products pertaining to the latter, you might be surprised to know that Rooms for a Prince and Princess actually sells such items through our furniture/nursery page. You might like our assorted selection of bookcases.

Versatile Furniture

Another trend that’s actually been popular for a while is the adoption of versatile furniture. It used to be that certain small drawers were only bought in relation to the baby’s size. That’s changed, however. Now soon-to-be parents will buy drawers and other furniture of fair sizing so that they can still be used even as your child grows up. If you look through our inventory, you’ll notice that we actually sell dressers of different sizes. If you’re looking to apply this new trend towards your upcoming nursery, don’t hesitate to look through our products page for your new nursery furniture.

Dark Design

I’m sure you’ve been told before that darker colors can make a room feel small and also dampen the mood, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Now dark colors alone might bring out this effect, but by incorporating them with other colors parents can design a room with a sense of dimension and serenity. This trend has actually been a hot trend in most interior designing that’s only been recently adopted for nurseries. On top of that, dark colors also have a very calming effect.


This is actually a trend that’s been around for a while and probably won’t die off anytime soon. It’s very much alive and will likely live through the next decade as well. Many soon-to-be parents incorporate some element of nature into the nursery room. The most common practice of this trend is adding floral patterns and other similar designs to the walls or perhaps even towards the bedding. Animals are also often added to decorate the walls. Some of our products on our wall decor page have a few animals you can add to your nursery. We even have a unicorn head wall mount if you want to blend nature and fantasy into your nursery.

Shop at Rooms for a Prince and Princess for Your Nursery

If you’re looking to incorporate any of these trends for your new nursery, make sure to purchase your items from Rooms for a Prince and Princess. RPP sells the latest apparel, accessories, and furniture for you to decorate your nursery in any way you desire. To inquire call us at 561-206-6173 or visit our contact page.



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