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Tips For New Parents: How To Bathe Your Baby
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Tips For New Parents: How To Bathe Your Baby

The procedure to bathe your baby should be a delicate, yet fun procedure involving a team effort by both parents for it to be performed. Follow the guideline below to see how you should bathe your little guppy.

Step One: Set the Scene

Make sure you are in an area where there is a flat surface with enough space for the infant. If there isn’t enough space in the bathroom, there is always the kitchen counter. Or you can have a changing table nearby when in the bathroom. Cover the flat surface with a thick towel and make sure that the room temperature is at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Babies can chill easily and so the temperature must be maintained as much as possible.

Step Two: Assemble Your Supplies

Gather your supplies now so that you are prepared to bathe and stay with the baby until the end of its bath. Do Not Leave Your Child Alone. As an infant, a baby is vulnerable to just about anything and leaving them alone, even for just a few seconds, is never a good idea. If you do need to leave to grab the phone or reach for the oven, take your baby with you. Also, make sure the water is temped at 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The first bath will be a sponge bath. The supplies will include:

Shampoo will not be required for the first few baths. Only warm water. You may need additional items if you have a circumcised boy. Consult a medical professional on how you need to care for your circumcised son.

Step Three: The Bathing Process

First, undress your child, cradling the head with one hand. Leave the diaper on (that area will be washed last) and wrap your child in a towel, exposing only the areas that you are washing. Using your sponge, clean one area at a time, starting behind the ears, then neck, elbows, knees, between fingers and toes. Pay attention to creases surrounding the arms, ears, and neck. Try not to rub around the eyes of the baby as you don’t want to irritate your child’s eyes. When you are washing the cranial section, tip the head back just a little so that water won’t get into the eyes.

Once, you are done with those areas, remove the diaper and clean your child’s belly, bottom, and genitals with the sponge.

When you are done bathing the child, gently pat him or her with the towel. Rubbing the towel will irritate your child’s skin.

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