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Tips For New Parents: Bonding With Your Newborn Child
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Tips For New Parents: Bonding With Your Newborn Child

The Development of your child in the early years of its existence is crucial and it’s important that you pay attention to them as often as you can. By looking into the smallest hint of behavior and mannerisms to occur with your child, you can get an idea as to how you bond with them. It was proven in research with monkeys that bonding is essential to the development of newborns. In the study, the monkey’s mother was replaced by a mannequin. While the mannequin proved to supply the soft touch and offer food and other sustenance when needed, it wasn’t enough for the baby monkeys.

What this means is that food and cuddling won’t suffice in relation to the authenticity of a mother or even a father’s existence. Baby’s thrive on more than just food and cuddling to develop. A commitment by both parents to bond with their infant is essential in their child’s growth.

If you’re a new parent, keep reading to see different tips and advice as to how you can bond with your newborn.

You Might Not Feel an Instant Love Connection When Your Baby is Born. And That’s Okay!

Some parents have the fantasy of immediately falling in love with their child once they’re born. But in some cases, that fantasy isn’t a reality. A mother and/or father can look at their newborn’s face and feel disassociated with them. 

That is completely normal.

It happens to some parents and they may begin to feel doubtful about having a child. If you felt that way, don’t be discerned. Take care of your child as you would with any newborn and soon enough, maybe in a few weeks, you’ll begin to start loving your child. When that happens you’ll soon realize that bonding with your kid will come pretty naturally.

Ways to Bond With Your Baby

Touch Them as Often as You Can

Your baby thrives on your touch and it’s one of the absolute keys to a baby’s development. Immediate touch is recommended by health professionals and when other factors aren’t prohibiting you from holding your baby after birth, doctors will give you your baby right away. Simply holding your baby with skin-to-skin contact, with some speech involved, is more than enough to bond with your child.

New born infant laying on father's chest

Use your voice

Use your voice as often as you can when you’re around your baby. Obviously, make sure you don’t speak loudly, maliciously, or loudly with your infant present. Doing so will hinder intended development and/or put them under stress. When you’re giving your baby a diaper change, sing a little song, create a friendly playlist you can sing along to while you’re both in the car, try to mimic the coos and other sounds your baby makes. The more you use your voice around your child the more it will begin to identify its own existence with your own.

Sometimes, Just Looking at Them Will Do

When your baby is born, their vision will be limited. The longer they grow and develop so will their sight. Babies love looking at faces and experiencing new ones as they age in the early stages. Keep looking at your child face-to-face at every opportunity you have. In the first few weeks after birth, be up close in your baby’s face. Your child will want to keep looking in your eyes when you’re doing this and they’ll enjoy this tremendously. Also, pick them up and place them in front of a mirror so that they can see themselves. They’ll enjoy that, too.

Baby looking at themselves in a mirror

Shop at Rooms For A Prince And Princess For You and Your Baby

Just as important as bonding is making sure the environment surrounding your child can accommodate not only their developmental needs but also provide you the leisure you’ll need to bond with them. RPP offers top-of-the-line products for you and your child to use when you’re together. If you need a chair for your nursery to sit on while holding your child, or maybe a hooded towel for them to use after bath time, give us a call at 561-206-6173 or visit our contact page. 



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